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Who do I contact if I need something?

If you have questions about anything, please contact us.  Below is a brief overview of what each of our staff members’ responsibilities are so that you are better able to direct your questions to the appropriate person (or you may also send an email to

What should I expect with my first month’s expenses as a new owner? The first month’s charges include:

Although this all may seem a bit over-whelming at first, remember that it is only when we turn a property around for a new tenant.  We deduct all of the above charges from the rent when it comes in, so none of this requires you to write us a check.

How do I access my Owner’s Statements?

Look for your Owner Statement to be posted on or about the 10th of each month. Here’s how to access your Owner Statement: 1.  Go to:  2.  Enter your email address (the one you gave us to contact you that we have in our system). 3.  AppFolio will send you an email to that address with instructions on how to log in to view your Owner Statement.

How will I get my owner’s payments?

Owner’s payments are processed through direct deposit to the account specified by the owner.  To add or change an account, please fill out an ACH FORM and return it to our Accounting Manager, Joanna ( ).

How do I change my account number?

To add or change an account, please fill out an ACH FORM and return it to our Accounting Manager, Joanna ( ).

What are these Move-In and Supply Charges on my Owner’s Statement?

In order to ensure a smooth transition between tenants, we now charge a flat fee for labor, and another flat fee for supplies to turn around a property. TJC will do the following and charge a flat $50 labor fee:

We buy the above items in bulk, and simply charge a flat fee of $20 for “Move-in Supplies”.

I have accessed my Owner’s Statement, but I still have questions about it.

Please email your questions to our Accounting Manager, Joanna ( ) and she will get back to you as soon as possible.

My property is currently for lease, how many showings has my property had?

Each property available for lease is evaluated on a weekly basis.  We review showing feedback, number of showings, pricing strategies, etc. to determine if any changes need to be made.  You will receive a weekly update from Janessa White, Leasing Agent & Assistant Property Manager (, but please feel free to reach out in the meantime with any questions or concerns.

When does my tenant’s lease end?

Please email your questions to Janessa White, Leasing Agent & Assistant Property Manager ( and she will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why do I need to fill out a W-9?

We are required by law to send you a 1099 each tax year for your rent income and expenses.  In order to do this, we need a SSN or Tax ID number from you (you only need to fill it out once).  To access the form, click here:  W-9 Form Please send completed form to our Accounting Manager, Joanna ( ).

When will I receive my 1099 each year?

The IRS requires that 1099s are sent out each year by February 28th, but TJC strives to have them completed and mailed out by the end of January (provided we have your SSN or Company ID on account). TJC also provides Year-End statements each year, which are posted to your Owner’s Portal as a 12-Month Cash Flow report.

How is the rent income calculated on my 1099?

1099 Rent Amounts are based on Gross Rental Income, and includes any Move-Out costs that are deducted from returned Security Deposits.  Please consult your accountant for all tax-related questions.