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Tenant Maintenance

Emergency Issues

For emergency items (i.e. no heat, floods, water leaks), please call 303-324-6988 and follow the prompts.  Please leave a detailed message including the property address and your contact information.  If your call is not returned within 30 minutes, please call Bob at 720-434-3649. If you haven’t received a response from either our office or Bob after 1 hour, please call the appropriate number below:

Gas Smell Xcel: 800-895-4999
Heat Issues Unique: 720-338-0902
Plumbing Issues Tighten Plumbing: 303-887-6640
Water Extraction/Cleanup Bear Steam Cleaning: 303-431-2704

Please note:  If you don’t follow the procedure above, or if the issue is not deemed an emergency, you could be responsible for the costs associated with the repair.

Non-Emergency Maintenance Request

Before completing the following maintenance request form, please read the FAQs below. Carrying out these steps can save you time and money! Tenants may be charged for a service call if the service person determines that the tenant failed to perform routine maintenance task as outlined below:

My Smoke Detector keeps beeping:

Replace the battery (9 volt) by turning the device until it unhooks from the ceiling/wall.  Release the clip that is connecting the wires and replace the battery.

My Smoke Detector isn’t working:

Press the test button or test with approved smoke detector smoke spray, replace battery. If a battery replacement does not work please submit a work order.

I have no power to my switches/electrical outlets in one room:

  • Check and reset breaker panel.
  • Check and reset all GFI (Ground Fault Indicator) outlets (located in kitchen, bathrooms, utility rooms, and garages).
  • Check if plug works off a wall switch.

My garbage disposal is clogged or doesn’t work:

If you do not hear a buzz when you turn it on, it most likely needs to be reset.  Press the reset button on the bottom of the disposal and test. If you hear a buzz, but it still does not work, turn off disposal and unplug from wall. Mounted on the side of the disposal or side of cabinet may be an Allen Wrench. Put the wrench in the center shaft and gently twist back and forth to clear the jam. Remove the object that is causing the obstruction, plug it back in, turn it on, and test.

I have no hot water

For Electric Water Heaters:  Check and reset breaker in power panel.

For Gas Water Heaters:  Check to see if the pilot light is lit.

My toilet/sink/dishwasher/tub appears to be leaking:

Turn off water fixture, turn off water at supply line and notify TJC Management Services.

My toilet is clogged:

Use a plunger to see if this releases the clog.

I have no heat:

  • Clean and replace filter and test.
  • Check that furnace it turned on (switch near the unit is in the up position).
  • Turn the switch (looks like a light switch) that is near the unit off for 30 seconds and then back on.
  • Check all circuit breakers to make sure they are in the on position.
  • Confirm the thermostat batteries are not low or dead.
  • Check that the furnace cover is on properly.

I have no air-conditioning:

  • Clean and replace filter and test.
  • Check that HVAC unit it turned on (switch near the unit is in the up position).
  • Turn the switch (looks like a light switch) that is near the unit off for 30 seconds and then back on.
  • Check all circuit breakers to make sure they are in the on position.
  • Confirm the thermostat batteries are not low or dead.

Please note: Being without air-conditioning is not considered an emergency, however, we will do our best to get it resolved for you as soon as possible.

I have no electricity:

  • Check all breakers, flip them hard to the OFF position and then hard to the ON position.
  • Check your GFI outlet by pressing the re-set button.
  • Check with other neighbors and call your utility provider to see if there is a major power outage in your area.

I have burned-out light bulbs:

Tenants are responsible for changing their own light bulbs.

Non-Emergency Help

For routine maintenance issues, please fill out the form below.  Our Property Managers, monitors this contact form on a regular basis, and will schedule any necessary contractors to take care of the issue.

All maintenance requests will be addressed within 48 hours.

You are not required to be present during the repair. However, if you would like to be home during the repair, maintenance hours are between 9:00am – 5:00pm, Monday-Friday. Should you wish to schedule a specific time for a repair (please note that many of our contractors schedule in 4-hour time windows), this may result in a delay in having your request resolved.  Also, please know that should you turn-away a maintenance vendor you will be charged the service fee for that repair appointment.

General Questions and Information

Can I move in earlier than my lease start date?

Due to very tight turn-arounds, we cannot always accommodate earlier move-in dates or times. Please contact us at or 303-324-6988 if you need a special accommodation.

How do I get my keys?

On your move in date you will receive email instructions on how to get into your home. Your keys will be left at your home.

I want to adopt a pet:

Some properties do not allow pets, so you will need to get approval prior to making the adoption. If you receive approval, appropriate deposits and fees will be charged to your account in the next month’s rent cycle. Please contact our Property Manager, Janessa White ( to get approval and current fees and deposit information.

I have moved out, how soon will I get my security deposit?

TJC does not do formal walk-thrus with tenants when they move out.  Our Management Team will do the walk-thru on move-outs once the tenant has vacated and will identify any damage deposit issues at that time.  Once our process is completed, and damaged items have been repaired (if applicable), we will send the security deposit refund and statement via email and to the forwarding address that was provided by the tenant.  If you have not already provided us with your forwarding address, please send it to Failure to provide us with a forwarding address may result in a delay in receiving your security deposit.  We are required by law to send the security deposit to the last know address.  Although our goal is to return security deposits as soon as possible, this process can take up to 30 days to be completed.

What Internet/cable service should I order?

You may go with either satellite or cable for your services, thought we don’t necessarily recommend one over the other.  However there are restrictions to having a dish:

  • It cannot be mounted to the building structure(no holes drilled into the building).
  • It cannot be placed in an area that may look offensive (in the middle of the front yard).
  • Most HOAs require prior approval of the location of the dish before it is installed (not obtaining HOA approval prior to installation may result in fines and extra fees to have the satellite company come out and move the dish).

Please check with us ( or 303-324-6988) before placing your order with a satellite dish company as it is possible that it could take up to 30 days to get the approval you need before you will be allowed to install the dish. Installing a satellite dish without obtaining prior approval from the HOA will result in fines and dish removal.

Are we allowed to paint any of the rooms?

Please do not paint until we get approval from the owner.  Our standard color is Sherwin Williams, Agreeable Gray #SW7029. If you want to use this color, it is more likely to be approved by the owner. However, if you have particular color choices of your own that you want to use, please send the color samples to Wendy Balfe, our Assistant Property Manager, ( for approval by the owner.

I keep receiving mail for the previous tenant/owner, what should I do with it?

Write “Please Forward” on the mail and put it back in the mailbox for the Post Office to forward.

It’s summer, how do I get my pool passes?

If you are a *Central Park (formerly Stapleton) resident, you will need to provide a copy of your lease and a copy of a utilities bill as proof of residency to take with you to the Master Community Association (MCA) office to for your pool pass.  Please contact the MCA office with any questions you may have about obtaining your pool passes:

(303) 388-0724

Who mows the lawn and maintains the yard?

Tenants renting single-family homes or backyard town homes are responsible for maintaining their own yards including regular lawn mowing.  Common areas, such as court-yards, are maintained by the HOA.  If you are interested in having a regular service for your yard, please contact us if you would like a referral: or 303-324-6988.

Is there anything I need to do to winterize?

Disconnect all hoses from the outside water faucets!  TJC contracts with Cascade Landscaping to do regular maintenance on the sprinkler systems (if you have one) – Cascade Landscaping will come by in the spring to get the sprinkler system turned on, and then come back in the fall to winterize it.

How do I change my account number?

All account changes can be made through your tenant portal.

For other general questions, not related to maintenance issues, please email our office and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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