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TJC is a full-service property management and leasing company that specializes in the Greater Denver area including the *Central Park (formerly Stapleton), Lowry, Park Hill, and Green Valley Ranch neighborhoods. As the leading source for rental properties in these markets, TJC offers two different levels of service to our clients:

Full-Service Property Management

TJC’s full-service property management option is the primary recommendation for those seeking a “hands free” role as a landlord. As your property manager, TJC will handle everything necessary for you to become a successful proprietor. Electing the property management service, however, you can decide how involved you want to be and TJC will ensure that you are completely comfortable with the process. This option begins with TJC taking control from the beginning:

  • Evaluating the property for market based maintenance items and getting bids if needed
  • Taking photos and marketing the property on both local and national levels
  • Call and email management for prospective tenants
  • Executing the property showings and virtual tours
  • Screening the tenants and executing the lease
  • Security deposit collection
  • Completing a full baseline move-in inspection

Once a qualified tenant is secure, we will then manage the rental property throughout the duration of the lease.  TJC will be the sole point of contact for the tenant and the property owner. Moving forward, we will collect rent, disperse owner payments, manage maintenance items, ensure tenant is abiding by the lease terms, advise and manage routine upkeep for the home, negotiate lease renewals, pay your property taxes and prepare your 1099.

The standard fees for the full level of management services regarding all properties located in the Denver Metro area are as follows: a leasing fee equal to one ½ months rent is due once a lease is signed and the management fee is 10% of the monthly rent. As a convenience to our property owners, all fees are pulled from rent proceeds.

Leasing Agent

The second level of service is to hire TJC as the “Leasing Agent”.  This option is used to only find the property owner a tenant. Therefore, it is typically used by a local landlord that has experience in managing tenants and has the time to deal with the day to day challenges of being a landlord.  As the Leasing Agent, TJC will handle marketing the property, showing the property, screening tenants and executing a lease. The leasing fee for this service is equal to a full month’s rent.

TJC Real Estate and Management Services builds a level of trust with its clients during the rental home search process and most tenants prefer to continue working with TJC as their property manager.  If you decide to go with TJC’s full-service property management option, instead of the leasing agent option, the rate structure is set up so that the 1/2 month’s rent leasing fee savings is equal to 5 months of management services. In other words, it’s almost like you are getting those 5 months for free!

“I have worked with TJC for over eight years and would have sold my rental house years ago if I had not been totally satisfied.”

Robert McConnell – Property Owner
Denver's Property Owner Resource

Meet the Team

At TJC Real Estate and Management Services, you are not just working with a property manager. You are collaborating with a whole team. Each department has expertise in their field to make sure you, as a landlord, are staying up with market trends and are getting the best experience possible.


Why TJC as your Property Manager?

Our rates are designed to be affordable to the property owner that has other “life activities on which to focus”. With this said, we carry a high satisfaction rate with our property owners as our level of service is unmatched.


As investors, we treat every property we manage as if it were our own. This increases maintenance troubleshooting before vendors are called as well as eliminates frivolous spending.


In 2019, we had a total of 192 vacant days, for an average of less than 1.4 days ANNUALLY per property. We pride ourselves on getting less vacant time and higher rents than owners who do it themselves.


We have a great rolodex of vendors with whom we have created unbeatable relationships. With this privilege, we receive below market rates for premium services. Therefore, instead of marking up repair/maintenance items, we pass on any contractor provided discounts and savings directly to our owners.

Why Not?

The TJC owners, Tom and Kari Cummings, live in *Central Park (formerly Stapleton), and built one of the first homes there. In addition, the management team in large reside in the area of *Central Park (formerly Stapleton) and Greater Park Hill. Since following the early development of both the local sales and rental markets, TJC now owns or manages over 300 properties (70% of which are in *Central Park (formerly Stapleton), Lowry, Park Hill and Green Valley Ranch).  Above all, at TJC, we believe the value of our service more than pays for itself, delivered in the form of higher rents, better tenants and less vacant time, all while eliminating the every day difficulties of property ownership. Let us work for you!

“TJC manages a fairly high-end property for us. They are thoroughly professional, extremely competent, and really easy to deal with. Everyone we have dealt with at TJC has been quite skilled and efficient at their tasks. We highly recommend them. “

Bob Harrison – Property Owner


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