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TJC is a full-service property management and leasing company that specializes in the Stapleton,  Lowry and Park Hill markets. We are the primary source for rental properties in Denver’s Stapleton, Lowry, and Park Hill neighborhoods. TJC offers two different levels of service to their clients:

Full-Service Property Management

The recommended way of using TJC is the full property management service. The intent of TJC here is to create a “hands free” situation for the owner, and TJC will handle everything necessary to become a successful landlord.  The owner can choose how involved he/she wants to be, and TJC will ensure that the owner is completely comfortable with the process. 

  • Property marketing on both local and national levels
  • Call management, inbound and outbound
  • Credit reporting and legal tenant selection
  • Lease preparation, negotiating, and signing
  • Security deposit collection

TJC will then manage the property during the lease.  This includes everything necessary to be a great landlord such as: collecting the rent, ensuring rents clear, handling

maintenance issues, and ensuring tenants follow  the terms of the lease. TJC will be the sole point of contact for the tenant.  The standard fees for the full level of service for properties located in the Stapleton, Lowry, and Park Hill neighborhoods is a leasing fee of ½ months rent for finding a tenant, and then 10% of the monthly rent proceeds as a management fee.

Leasing Agent

The second level of service is for TJC to simply find a tenant for the owner, acting as a “Leasing Agent”.  This level of service is typically used by the local owner that has experience in managing tenants and has the time to deal with the day to day challenges of being a landlord.   As the leasing agent, TJC will handle the 5 items listed under “FULL-SERVICE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT”, and then turn the process over to the owner.  The leasing fee for this service is the first full month’s rent.

TJC Management builds a level of trust with its clients during the rental home search process and most tenants prefer to continue working with TJC as the property manager after they sign their lease.  If you use TJC’s full property management service, the rate structure is set up so that the leasing fee savings you get from using the full management service gets you just less than the first 5 months of management for free.

Why Choose TJC?

  • We believe our level of service is unmatched and that our satisfaction level is very high.
  • We treat each and every one of our managed properties as if we owned it.
  • In 2017, we had a total of 192 vacant days, for an average of less than 1.5 days ANNUALLY per property.
  • We almost always get higher rents and less vacant time than owners who do it themselves.
  • Our rates are designed and structured to be affordable to the property owner that has other “life activities with which to focus”.
  • We DO NOT mark up repair/maintenance items, and, we pass on any contractor provided discounts and savings directly to our owners.
  • We have an extensive list of satisfied clients and would be happy to provide a list of references willing to endorse TJC.

Why Not?

The owners, Tom and Kari Cummings, live in Stapleton, and built one of the first homes there. The management team in large reside in the area of Stapleton and Greater Park Hill. Besides Tom and Kari, three families on our team built new homes in the beginning stages of Stapleton, becoming some of the neighborhood’s first residents.  Since following the early development of both the local sales and rental markets, TJC now owns or manages more than 280 properties (80% of which are in Stapleton, Lowry, Park Hill and Green Valley Ranch).  TJC believes the value of their service more than pays for itself, delivered in the form of higher rents, better tenants and less vacant time, all while eliminating the every day difficulties of property ownership.  

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