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If you are seeking out ideas to give your living space an absolute overhaul or just add some flair, there are many new TRENDS circulating for 2015.  I have searched far and near (via the net) including some of the top designers in NY and have compiled a list of the au courant home trends for 2015.

  1. According to Pantone, the color gurus, Marsala is the NEW hot color!
  2. Greek BLUE, Deep BLUE, Royal BLUE, Cobalt BLUE ….any way you twist it, this rich, beautiful hue is THE way to accent any room.
  3. Mid Century shades such as Avocado Green, Mustard Yellow and Rusty Orange are being used to give some umph to a more mild scenery within the living space.  Mixing these shades with more BOLD varieties are definitely in as well!
  4. The Neutral mainstay, GRAY, is holding over from last year and will continue to be the colorless go-to.
  5. WALLPAPER is back replacing the single color accent walls.  Find your statement print!
  6. Gold, Copper and Bronze will give silver competition in any style you desire to achieve. The prominence, yet warmth of these METALLIC, luxe accents will balance the coolness of a modern home and revive a vintage or renaissance theme with its opulent stature.
  7. Mix and Match furniture is hot!  Rustic with Contemporary; Cowhide with Modern; Renaissance with Mid Century. FUSION of your favorite styles has pushed the analogous furniture motif off the runway.
  8. Reinventing the Classics! Creamy, black, muted white and grey interior with soft curves, organic lines united with a splash of pungent colors and textured fabrics.
  9. Classic or vintage soaking tubs take precedence over last year’s rain shower.
  10. Statement pieces such as unique ‘chandeliers’ or custom kitchen islands allow you to bring your sense of style to every room with a vengeance.
  11. TEXTURES you can feel such as paneled wood cabinets, quartz counters, velvets, natural wood finishes and adding natural elements to the home are great ways to revamp the tone and quality of a space you already love.

One great thing about the trends for 2015 is that you can REUSE, RECYCLE and UPCYCLE old pieces.  This, of course, is great for the environment, but also gives you endless opportunities for those creative urges.

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