Who Dunnit?

One of my favorite family pastimes growing up involved murder.  There is nothing like sitting around with my sister, mom and dad on a Friday night thinking about a lead pipe or candlestick buried inside the head of some poor sap.

The best murders occur in rooms that only exist in mansions.  In my house, the most exotic place would have been the utility room.  We actually had a billiard room but it was so small, you had to use the short stick every other shot and my dad’s beer can collection took a beating at waist height.

I’m talking about the board game Clue of course.  I was never a fan of Colonel Mustard.  That off-yellow game piece and the fact I hate mustard were reason enough to always hope he was the killer.  My sister always wanted to be Miss Scarlet.  She did have the red hair so I suppose it was warranted.  If dirty old Mustard didn’t do it, I always suspected my evil sister.  Being two and a half years older than me, she and I didn’t see eye to eye until we were a bit older.

Those formal rooms were so mysterious!  What kind of house has a secret passageway from the kitchen to the study?  Imagine the games of Hide N Seek – awesome!!!!  Of course there was also the secret passageway between the lounge and conservatory.  But as a seven year old kid, I didn’t know what either of those were, so I tended to stay out of there, plus I couldn’t pronounce conservatory.

My dad was always Mr. Green.  It seemed appropriate.  I pictured him as old and wise.  Too bad there wasn’t a Mr. Pink.  You know in the Buscemi family that little Steve would get stuck with that one every time.  He’d throw a fit!

Those were the good old days playing Clue with the family.  Now I play Clue with my own kids.  It has come top of mind because Central Park (formerly Stapleton) is building like crazy in a new neighborhood called Conservatory Green.  Obviously it was Mr. Green in the conservatory with the wrench since there is all that construction going on out there!

If you haven’t checked out the exciting new things going on in Conservatory Green as part of Central Park (formerly Stapleton), give TJC a call.  They have already done lots of business with buyers and builders out there and are experts on the new hood.  They can tell you all about the future plans and how Conservatory Green integrates with Northfield and the rest of Central Park (formerly Stapleton).  TJC is already deep into the Conservatory Green market and can help you find the home of your dreams or just answer questions.

In this case, it’s not murder.  It’s life to the fullest in an exciting new neighborhood.  To win this game, go with TJC in the Conservatory Green with the key to your new home!


Posted by Brett Grischo – an aspiring writer hoping this endeavor doesn’t kill his dream. About Brett’s work with TJC here. Find more from Brett here.