What Today’s Home Buyers Want

We scoured the net, interviewed our own team, and compiled a list of what is currently trending and most important to home buyers.  What puts one home above the other in the buying process?  What are considered wow factors to the majority of home buyers? Today, it’s all about low maintenance and more space. Keep reading, we’ve got it covered!

Laundry Room

According to Kiplinger.com, 91% of home buyers want a dedicated laundry room.  Who wants to pile dirty laundry in the hall when it gets backed up? In addition, why put clean laundry in the dining room or on a bed until you are able to fold it?  



Even before Covid, a well-maintained outdoor space such as a patio allows your home buyers to envision themselves hosting birthday parties and bonding with their friends and family. Above all, they can feel that sensation of relaxing.  It’s a no-brainer serotonin booster that can get your potential home buyers more excited and emotionally attached to the home. Currently, 87% of home buyers claim that a patio is a must for their new home.


Walk-In Closets and Pantry

One of the most sought after (in the top 5) offerings in a new home is more space!  For example, walk-in Closets allow you to organize and better yet, give you more opportunity to find what you are looking for, which in turn is a major time saver.  This is the same for the walk-in pantry.  With more people eating at home these days due to the restrictions at restaurants, making sure all your pantry items have their own space is a game-changer!


Updated Kitchen and Baths

It’s all about fresh and new! Stainless steel appliances and fixtures, stone countertops, easy to clean floors, and plenty of cabinet space have been the going trend. Therefore, the bottom line is, a tired kitchen can be a deal-breaker and an updated bathroom can swoon buyers over the top.  According to Remodeling.com, updated kitchens and baths can take the cake as one of the highest ROI projects a homeowner can take on. 


Energy Efficiency

Between the environment, comfortability, and keeping the monthly costs low, having energy-efficient items such as windows are a great selling point to new home buyers. Also, this goes back to the low maintenance requirement; it’s one less thing new home buyers will have to worry about down the road. Huge bonus points! Oh, I almost forgot, this isn’t a small request.  Eighty-nine percent of home buyers are looking for energy-efficient windows and appliances.


General Storage

So we discussed storage in the way of walk-in closets and a walk-in pantry, but what about storage for toys, hobby items, seasonal clothes, holiday decorations, and sports equipment? Here are some great examples for these handy spaces so everything has its own place: Mudroom, built-in shelves, cupboard under the stairs, garage storage cabinets, well-floored attic, extra rooms/closets/utility room in the basement, and/or an outdoor storage shed.  It’s all about being creative and making any extra space look and feel useful.


Odds and Ends

It’s the little things that can bring a project together to have a huge impact.  So, when selling a home, give potential home buyers some eye candy: 

  • clean, decluttered space inside and out (don’t forget the spiderwebs on the front stoop)
  • professional photos
  • professional advice from a home stager
  • neutral paint with splashes of color in the decor

Everyone receives and processes information differently. Some are good to look past the less-than-creative spaces and some cannot.  Many people need your help so they can see the full potential of every space in the home. However, in a hot market, it’s not uncommon for a buyer to get multiple offers in the first few days after the listing goes live so make the most of it.  Whether you are a buyer or a seller, make sure you have an experienced Realtor willing to work for you, with you and have your best interests at the forefront of their strategy.


Professional Advice

Looking to buy or sell a home? Having a seasoned realtor on your side to help you through all the steps of any real estate transaction is priceless.  Did you know that when you build a new home, there is no out-of-pocket expenses for you? Most importantly, with new construction, there is no cost to have a realtor help you through the paperwork, design center, inspections, walk-throughs, and closing?  Here at TJC Real Estate and Management Services, we are here to offer you what will best suit your needs such as investor ROI discussions, CMAs for your current home, and thorough advice for first-time homebuyers. To learn more, contact TJC Real Estate and Management Services today! 


Brought to you by Sondra Lockett-Cameron, Senior Marketing Manager for TJC Real Estate and Management Services

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