Ways to Show Support for Women Every Day

Published by: Kate Renka 3/13/23

March is Women’s History Month and have we come a long way. It is wild to think about the fact my great great grandmother was not allowed to vote until she was in her 30s. Today women have made such a difference since the ratification of the 19th amendment. Amazing women such as Shirley Chisholm, the first black woman to run for president. Amelia Earhart, the first woman aviator. Georgia O’Keeffe paved the way for female artists in America. Margret Sanger helped make reproductive health more accessible, and many other notable women made the future generation of women’s dreams tangible.

Here are three ways to celebrate women every day:

TEACH TEACH TEACH! Teach the young ladies in your life about women who had the odds against them, and persevered. Some strong women to learn about that are not talked about enough:

  • Shirley Chisholm- First black female politician.
  • Maya Angelou- Poet and Civil Rights activist.
  • Sojourner Truth- American abolitionist and activist for black women’s rights.
  • Mary Anning- Victorian Paleontologist.
  • Ada Lovelace- World’s first computer programmer.

Give to a philanthropy that is specific to helping women:

  • One that I have supported and would recommend is Carry the Future. They work with refugee camps to help support residents by bringing dignity and normalcy through quality of life initiatives such as women-friendly spaces, early childhood learning centers, community gardens, and more. 
  • Another organization that TJC specifically supports is Thriving Families. Thriving Families offers programs that support women, children, and their families during pregnancy and just after a baby is born – a critical period of development for children’s futures.  

Another way to support women is to go to locally owned shops and restaurants owned and run by women. Some notable places:

  • Take a class at Factory Fashion owned by Skye Barker Maa.
  • Get a bite to eat at Comida owned by Rayme Rossello.
  • Get a tattoo at Blackbird Ink owned by Kristy York.
  • Go to Lohi and check out The Bindery owned by Linda Hampsten Fox.
  • Check out this Maker’s Studio in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver called Candelaria owned by Kristina Thayer.
  • Stanley Marketplace has shops predominantly owned by women.

Did you know TJC is predominantly run by women? The women on our team work diligently to help meet the expectations of all our tenants, property owners and clients. The amazing women on our team:

  • Kari- The Owner and Director of Real Estate. Kari is kind and passionate about giving back to our community. She always finds a way for TJC to be present in the community. 
  • Kacy- The Vice President of Operations. Kacy is an essential part of making the company run smoothly and create a great experience for everyone who interacts with TJC. 
  • Joanna- Accounting Manager. Joanna makes life easier for tenants by creating an easy process to pay rent, and she handles the city to make sure water and trash is not a burden on the tenant. 
  • Mikko- Maintenance and Leasing Assistant. Mikko is Bob’s right-hand woman. She makes sure all work orders are handled and helps in the leasing process. 
  • Jess- Property Manager. Jess works diligently to create an easy process for tenants to move in and out of one of our properties. 
  • Kate- Marketing Manager & Social Media Specialist. Kate is in charge of branding, social media and customer relations.

There are not enough words that can express how valuable the women are at TJC. Thank you for being part of our team!


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