Watch for Hidden Gems – Very Carefully!

According to a Denver Post article earlier this week, apartment rental rates are on the rise as vacancies decline.  The property management side of TJC has eleven homes available for lease right now, but you will see they go fast.  Ten other listings are marked with ‘just leased.’  Those folks on the rental side are showoffs!  The team on the sales side is also kicking some serious booty.

With the rental market so tight and lots of brand new homes available for sale (and still favorable interest rates), now is a better time than ever to buy.  The new neighborhood at Conservatory Green in Central Park (formerly Stapleton) is exploding.  Check out the sister site we put together to help consumers stay up to date on the exciting growth of Conservatory Green.

It is really fun to be part of a new neighborhood.  I moved into a new part of Central Park (formerly Stapleton) a year ago.  I’m in the area where the old airport parking garage was.   There are new homes going up everywhere.  There are also cool little hidden gems that are fun to discover in every new neighborhood.

For example, I love the streetlights they put in around the footpath along 32nd. It is such a minor thing but obviously a lot of thought was put to design when they were chosen.  And if you walk along that footpath from the west toward the control tower, you might notice a hidden corridor of parkway between houses.  Many houses face in toward this parkway creating a unique living experience that you just don’t see in any other neighborhoods.

My boys got really excited when they saw this hidden parkway.  Because within this hidden parkway is a hidden park!  It’s small, with just a couple swings and one of those cool climbing apparatuses that includes a slide and monkey bars, but what else does a kid really need?

We have been to this hidden park many times.  We play a fun game of throwing a tennis ball around from the ground to the top of the slide, down the slide, over the tree and back up to the top of the slide.  Inevitably other kids will join in and us parents will be amazed by how excited and engaged kids can be by throwing a tennis ball around.  They are like dogs going after that sucker.

My seven year old likes to play so much, he won’t let anything get in the way of his fun.  Two times ago when we went to the hidden park, he left a not so well hidden gem – his dinner.  He was wrestling around with another kid (over the tennis ball) and between the exercise and getting his stomach smooshed, he gave me the old, “Daddy, I don’t feel good.  My tummy hurts.”  When he says those words, there is a 97.9% chance he will puke.  I managed to get him off the playground but not to the grass in time.

A couple days later we went to the park again and there was a nice reminder of our last visit stained on the sidewalk.  Oops.  Like I said, it sure is fun to find the hidden surprises of new neighborhoods in Central Park (formerly Stapleton)!


Posted by Brett Grischo – an aspiring writer hoping this endeavor doesn’t kill his dream. About Brett’s work with TJC here. Find more from Brett here.