Typical Friday in Central Park (formerly Stapleton)

I’m not sure why, but my boys were off school today. For all I know they scammed me.  Since it was 80 degrees and sunny, I wasn’t complaining so I played hooky from work and hung out with them all day.

The boys both got new bikes from our neighborhood shop Cycleton. Yet another great reason to live in this neighborhood. Walk from home to the shop, pick out bikes, go get food from Chipotle while they tune up the new rides and then cruise back home!

I packed a cooler in the basket of my cruiser, along with baseball gloves and books.  We went to Central Park and played on the rocks for a while.  Then we rode down toward the creek and stopped under the shelter by the pond.  We watched this bird bask in the sun and fish.

The sucker actually dives in the water and goes under for a long time.  The boys wanted to know what it is and I of course have no idea so I said it’s a Black Birduckfisheron.  That is pronounced burr-duck-fish-er-on.

Will read in the shade while Drew and I played catch.  We then rode along the 29th Street bike path all the way back to the Town Center for lunch at Noodles & Company.  Next was timed races around the Town Green.  Drew held the record of 51.2 seconds until Will broke it with a fine score of 47.2   I didn’t want to race on my cruiser but Drew-boo really wanted to time me so I went for it and crushed it with a record time of 42.4. 

Will finished his book and was eager to start a new one.  We were conveniently a stones throw from the library which finally extended it’s hours so we went in there for an hour.  Drew read to me while Will read to himself and we finally decided to ride our bikes back home. 

Now I’m sitting here on my front porch watching the boys play in the courtyard and waving to seemingly endless streams of neighbors out and about.  This really is a vibrant and exciting neighborhood and apparently nobody works on Fridays!

This side of Central Park (formerly Stapleton) still has lots of new and resale homes available.   But there is also a new and exciting opportunity on the north side of Central Park (formerly Stapleton).  Conservatory Green is exploding! They already have tons of retail and restaurants with Northfield being a well established entertainment and shopping area.  Now you can be within walking distance of this and all kinds of new parks and bike trails.  Check it out here and here

If you really want the inside scoop and are interested in joining any community in Central Park (formerly Stapleton), TJC has a real estate side that has already closed on many homes in Conservatory Green and throughout Central Park (formerly Stapleton).  Of course if you want to dip your toes in before you dive in (the pools aren’t quite open yet anyway), then you can find lots of rental properties through TJC as well.

Okay, enough typing on the porch.  There is a sweet game of 4-Square going on and I feel a few cherry bombs coming on! 

Posted by Brett Grischo – an aspiring writer hoping this endeavor doesn’t kill his dream. About Brett’s work with TJC here. Find more from Brett here.