The Men and Women of Central Park (formerly Stapleton)

Central Park (formerly Stapleton) is a very social community.  Many of the residents are families with children.  But that doesn’t stop the parents from getting out sans kids and having some adult fun. The men and women of Central Park (formerly Stapleton) mix well, married or not, but its funny how typical differences between genders come out when it comes to socializing.

You know what I’m talking about.  You go to a party with your wife or girlfriend (but not both because that would be awkward) and the women all end up in the kitchen.  The guys are either in the backyard or the garage.  The women talk about anything and everything.  They get the scoop on everybody.  The men talk about sports and women.  If a woman meets a new woman, she finds out her life history and future aspirations.  If a man meets a new guy, he finds out what he likes to drink.

I’ve been to parties where my ex-wife talked to a couple and found out they were pregnant and the guy was starting a new career.  I’d talk to the same couple and find out, well, nothing.

I think it’s amazing how differently men and women are wired when it comes to making plans.  I can send out a text to fifteen guys saying. “Lets go to the Berk tonight for beers at 9p, see you there.”  I may or may not get texts back but I guarantee you at least half of them will show up.

If a woman wants to have a drink with friends at the Berk, it will start with an email to fifteen friends.  Every one of them will respond with a long email back about how busy they are and somehow discussion of the PTA will find its way in the string.  Some of the women will actually commit but they will want to invite some other friends. This can be tricky because some women don’t get along with others so it can’t be a free-for-all.  Therefore, somebody will create an eVite.

Someone else will suggest a theme.  Suddenly there is a formal invitation going to fifty women about 80s Night at the Berk and that you should bring canned food as a donation to the Colorado Food Bank.  Next thing you know, twenty women are booking mani/pedi appointments and five others go to get their hair done.  Six buy new outfits.  Four go shoe shopping.

The allotted time comes and only four women show up.  One is wearing disco pants and the horror of being the only one dressed in 80s gear is shielded by her mirrored sunglasses.

The four women drink wine.  Lots of wine.  The ten guys that showed up from the text is actually about fifteen guys because we see other dudes we know and meet a few strangers that also like to talk about sports and chicks. The four women ignore us.

Ben the bartender knows just about everybody by name and takes care of all of us. We all have fun because we are with our friends from the neighborhood.  It’s like a bunch of Norms walking in the bar.  There is something really comforting about that.

If you want to get a taste of life in Central Park (formerly Stapleton) and also have some great food, drinks and service, check out the Berkshire.  Say hi to Ben for us.


Posted by Brett Grischo – an aspiring writer hoping this endeavor doesn’t kill his dream. About Brett’s work with TJC here. Find more from Brett here.