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Get your Pool Pass in Central Park

SUMMER TIME….it’s a state of mind. Being wild and free, relaxing in the sun, lemonade and bbqs, splashing in the pool. Well, it is that time of year again!

It’s hard to believe as we sit here under a blanket of heavy wet snow that swim practice for the Central Park (formerly Stapleton) Stingrays has already begun. As we anxiously await for the last freeze to pass, we have our board shorts and tankinis in hand during this last week of school. Pool season is upon us and whether you live in Central Park (formerly Stapleton), or the greater Denver area, you live in a great place to be for the summer! Not only do we get over 300 days of sunshine per year and have tons of great biking and hiking trails, but we also have a plethora of outdoor public pools to make a splash. Let’s dig out our goggles, flip flops and floaties, it’s almost time for that first canon ball of the season. Denver Parks and Recreation alone service 16 outdoor pools that will open on June 3rd and Central Park (formerly Stapleton), which is by our home office, manages 6 outdoor pools (soon to be 7 pools) that will open this Saturday, May 25th.  

Central Park (formerly Stapleton) Pools


Whether you own or rent in Central Park (formerly Stapleton), one of the perks of living in this awesome community is the resident membership to one of our six pools. The fee for each pass is only $20 for the season. For Non-Residents, you can still enjoy the Central Park (formerly Stapleton) facilities for a daily entrance fee. For more information on fees and schedules, visit the Central Park (formerly Stapleton) MCA website at www.StapletonCommunity.com. You can also pick up this season’s pool schedule magnet that features the Family Nights at your choice Central Park (formerly Stapleton) pool or at our office located in the 29th Avenue Town Center!

A few quick notes to remember about our pools:

  • You can BYOB – alcohol is permitted, but remember, NO GLASS.
  • Be prepared for random closures:
    • Summer’s storms can lead to short closures and delays, but keep in mind the weather changes can be fast and furious in Colorado — if you can wait out a weather closure you may end up with the entire pool to yourself.
    • It’s not a Baby Ruth® – when you pile hundreds of kids into a pool, the swim diaper mishap is bound to happen every now and then.
    • Glass violators – see first bullet point above. Don’t be the guy who closes down the pool because you had to have your Corona® bottle with a lime, but you dropped it while adjusting your…sunglasses.
    • Pool Parties are a great way to celebrate! You can reserve the pools for your own private parties (for a fee). I have been to birthday parties and fundraisers at many of the pools and they are always an excellent setting for your summer soiree.
2019 Pool Magnet

Which pool is right for you? Each pool brings its own unique attributes.  .Here is a little breakdown of some of the benefits of each:

  • Aviator – the original, like Coors®, the Banquet Beer, is still a classic. With dedicated swim lanes, a generous kid area, and nice shade spots, this pool is a favorite of Central Park (formerly Stapleton) residents old and new. It can get packed on the major holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July, etc.).
  • Puddle Jumper (aka the “Nanny Pool”) – excellent water features for the kids, no swim lanes, and a cool sandbox feature make this a pool of choice for nannies to while away the summer days. Coincidently, the pool seems to be a favorite for dads who are taking the kids to the pool on their days off. Hmmm.
  • F15 – let’s hear it for the East-side. Located on a huge parcel of land, this pool is excellent for parties, barbeques, and volleyball games. I have found that it is sometimes a little quieter, but I think that could be changing as all the new Bluff Lake residents start discovering its charms.
  • Jet Stream – another pool with dedicated swim lanes, this pool serves as the refuge for the old-north-siders. With the arrival of Conservatory Green, I’m not sure we can call it the north-side any more. The crowd here may be a little younger than you will find at Aviator, and may feel more intimate and hip.
  • Runway 35 Pool – the home of future Olympians. This pool is designed with a focus on competitive swimming.
  • Maverick Pool – the home of future leisure seekers. Designed as a family friendly pool this pool will have some great places to play, relax and soak in the Colorado sun.

Denver Public Pools


Denver Parks and Recreation offer numerous aquatic activities for kids and adults of all ages and abilities at their 16 outdoor and 14 indoor pools. Fun in the sun includes open swim times, lap swim, aqua fitness classes, swim lessons and private instruction. You can obtain admission by having an annual membership, pay a daily fee, purchasing a season pool pass or having a My Denver Card (available free to Denver kids ages 5-18). For more information on fees and schedules, you can visit the following website: Denver Rec Centers Outdoor Pool Information.

A few quick notes to remember about Denver public pools:

  • NO ALCOHOL at any facility.
  • Food is permitted in designated areas, but please, NO GLASS. Of course, no food or beverage allowed in the pool at any time.
  • As above, the pool closures can happen such as summer storms and/or the random Baby Ruth® incident.

A few fun things to mention about the different Denver Pools:

  • Many indoor pools such as Central Park and Montclair have the 0 – 3 feet feature with an indoor water playground for those not ready to give up their water wings yet.
  • Carla Madison is one of the city’s newest rec center and indoor lap and leisure pool located right by East High School.
  • Outdoor water playgrounds are a big hit for kids of all ages and can be found at Barnum, Globeville and Mestizo pools. 

More Outdoor Water Fun!


Below are some more options for outdoor water fun on the Front Range. Don’t forget about the swim teams, paddle boarding, kayaking, white water rafting, water parks and natural springs. We might live in a land bound state, but we have water!

Brighton Oasis Water Park

Boulder Resevoir

Chatfield Resevoir

Cherry Creek Resevoir

Eldorado Natural Spring Pool

Pirates Cove Aquatic Park

Splash at Fossil Trace

A couple extra tips…wear your sunscreen, reapply your sunscreen every hour, put your phone in a waterproof bag, hold onto your sunglasses and wait to enter the water until 30 minutes after you’ve eaten. There you go….get ready to dive in!

Brought to you by Sondra Lockett-Cameron, Marketing Manager for TJC Real Estate and Management Services. Thanks to Jeff Stahlhut for many of the clever pool descriptions.

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