Sometimes I impress people with my knowledge of interesting marketing trends and business developments going on in the world today.  Little do they know, I like to read on the toilet and if I’m done with my Sports Illustrated I might bring a Wall Street Journal in there.

I had Mexican food last night.  So this morning I got really smart!

The WSJ ran an interesting article about the benefits of smiling.  Research has proven that smiling is good for your health.  It lessens stress and reduces heart rate. There are all kinds of different smiles and people in white lab coats have even named them!  For example, a full out genuine smile is called the Duchenne, named after the 19th Century French neurologist that first described it.  This smile uses the most muscles and is believed to be the healthiest.

In contrast, the standard social smile is called the Pan Am Smile after the polite expression the former airline’s stewardesses gave their passengers as they boarded the plane. This smile uses much less muscles around the mouth and therefore is not deemed as health beneficial as the Duchenne but yet it is still better than not smiling.

This all seems like common sense, right? But then why are so many people going about their day with a neutral look on their face, and certainly not making eye contact with strangers in which case they are more likely to scowl, unless the other person is hot, in which case they are just going to look like a creeper if they smile so they quickly look away pretending they just remembered they need an avocado.

The WSJ article goes on to state the obvious.  When you smile at someone, the most natural reaction is for him or her to smile back.  Win win.  And more fun than the yawn yawn.

Luckily for you, the TJC Real Estate and Management team is full of smiling people.  They tend to do the Duchenne with their own little touch of enthusiasm to make it special.  You really have to see the Jacobs.  It’s so shiny and happy you just want to eat Skittles while riding a unicorn (cuz what could be better than that).

And then when a TJC client sells or buys a home, they make their own smiles.  The kind that are hard to name because they are so special.  Because there actually is something better than Skittles and unicorns – having a great experience buying or selling your home with TJC Real Estate.  Whoa, smiling while house hunting or house showings? That is crazy talk.  Except when you have the Jacobs to inspire you.

Posted by Brett Grischo – an aspiring writer hoping this endeavor doesn’t kill his dream. About Brett’s work with TJC here. Find more from Brett here.