Pool Time

Carl Spackler would love Central Park (formerly Stapleton).  There are four pools scattered throughout the neighborhood.  This means just about everyone has a pool they can walk to.  And the good news is that every pool is always packed which means lots of fun and socializing for kids and adults.  It can turn into quite the party. The bad news is really the same as the good news – the pools tend to get jam-packed and often turn into a party.

I have my kiddies this holiday weekend and it sounds like the big plan for everyone and their mother is to go to the pool on Saturday.  We need Ty Webb to man the pool entrances and suggest the pond in order to keep the crowds down.  One mom told me she is sending her kids over a half hour before the pool opens so they can get in line.  Whaaaaaaaaaat?  Lines to get in the pool? I won’t wait in line to enter a bar much less a public pool.  Luckily the line thing really only happens on opening day and on holidays.  If there is a big line, I’ll offer to squirt my kids with a hose in the courtyard.  That would be just as fun (for me). 

The other big activity that everyone seems to be doing this weekend is a backyard cookout.  We have been invited to a couple on Sunday.  I have requested a menu and guest list from both hosts so I can decide whose yard I want to trash more.  Actually, in the true spirit of being a Central Park (formerly Stapleton)ian, we will hit both parties.

The kids love the parties more than the adults.  They run around like wild animals with only the parents of two to three year olds really paying attention to them.  Once a kid hits four you just tell them to put the chainsaw back where they found it when they are done playing. 

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kick-off of summer in Central Park (formerly Stapleton).  Pool parties, BBQs, people walking everywhere, the parks are all packed, the Sweet William Market opens, the Farmer’s Market begins, the scary fountain with two inch ledges going up like a volcano fifteen feet in the air with tiny kids teetering all over them – ahhhhh summertime in the hood really is fun.

If you are thinking of moving to Central Park (formerly Stapleton), come by the pool this weekend.   You will see happy people everywhere.  And it will be bustling with activity.  Don’t worry, you can get peace and quiet too.  Just stay home – everyone else will be at the pool.

Posted by Brett Grischo – an aspiring writer hoping this endeavor doesn’t kill his dream. About Brett’s work with TJC here. Find more from Brett here.