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food pantry donations needed

In Colorado, nearly 600,000 people are food insecure, and 30% of them are children. This year has been especially difficult for all families, and many may not know when they are getting their next meal. With Thanksgiving around the corner, Northfield High School, in the Central Park Neighborhood of NE Denver has been collecting donations needed to stock their community food pantry with traditional Thanksgiving food such as stuffing, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, etc.

thanksgiving dinner

These donations are then offered to families in need through Northfield Marketplace- a program that provides a variety of food for meals and snacks to students and their immediate family members needing assistance. However, about three weeks ago, the food pantry became empty due to COVID-19 related issues. Thankfully, a group of determined community members took matters into their own hands to turn this tragedy around, and get the donations needed. Once they spread the word that the food pantry had nothing to give, the response was remarkable. Now, these less fortunate households will have the Thanksgiving that everyone deserves. Wonder how they spread the word? Just one Facebook post. That is how much one voice can make a difference.  

Fortunately, the community came together to make sure every family at Northfield High School has a Thanksgiving dinner, however, the need doesn’t end there. After the food pantry was restocked, nearly 25 more families reached out for help. With Christmas a month away, why not spread some cheer by donating to Northfield Marketplace? To donate, click the link below, and under ‘donation details’ choose ‘Food Pantry’.

Northfield High School isn’t the only area that needs help. Here are a list of food pantries in the Denver Metro area that could use your assistance: 

  • Fish of East Denver – Epiphany Lutheran Church
  • Food Bank of the Rockies
  • Rose of Sharon Food Bank
  • Community Ministry of Southwest Denver
  • Bienvenidos Food Bank
  • Metro Caring
  • Crossroads of the Rockies
  • Integrated Family Community Services
  • Delano Food Ministries
  • Denver Inner City Parish
  • Struggle of Love Food Pantry
  • We Don’t Waste
  • JFS Weinberg Food Pantry

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