I Can’t Believe They Are Letting Me Write On Their Blog – About Me

Welcome to the TJC Blog.  Clearly the TJC Real Estate and Management (TJCRE&M) team is focused on helping their customers buy, sell, rent and lease homes rather than pay attention to creativity in their blog.  Who the crud named this TJC Blog?  Probably Mr. TJC himself.  If I’m a consumer interested in the real estate market, I can’t find a better resource than TJC Real Estate, even if they have a sucky acronym (TJCRE&M) and a suckier blog title.  If I’m an editor looking for someone to write headlines, I’m going to pass on the genius that came up with TJC Blog.

Who am I you ask?  I’m Brett Grischo and I’m here to put a little life into this blog.  The TJC team is so busy helping their clients fulfill their dreams in housing that they quite surprisingly decided to let me take this space over.  I’m not gonna lie to you.  I don’t know jack about real estate or property management.  But I don’t need to.  I put all my trust and needs in TJCRE&M, despite the ugly acronym.  They aren’t here to look pretty – they are here to help you and lend their unparalleled expertise to your real estate and renting needs (although that Greg Pond sure is a handsome man).

I’m here to tell you stories and I’ll let the back office folks in the TJC headquarters sprinkle in facts and statistics.  I’ll tell you about life in Central Park (formerly Stapleton), since I live here with my two sons.  I’ll give you the inside scoop on important things such as where the only outlet is to plug in your computer at Udi’s and when the best time is to check out the hot moms and dads at Starbucks.  I’ll tell you about the best place to watch fireworks over at Northfield and where to enjoy a cold beer in Park Hill while your kids play Pac-Man.  I’ll tell you stories about buying homes, selling homes, renting homes and leasing homes – I’ve done every situation, with the help of TJC.

Apologies in advance to anyone offended by anything I write.  I’m not really here to please you – I just took this gig because I couldn’t believe they’d actually let me do it.  If you want to be coddled and taken care of, then contact TJC Management about your real estate and property management needs – they will treat you like family.  I will too, but more like in an irritating big brother kind of way.

Brett is an aspiring writer hoping this endeavor won’t kill his dream