How to Beautify Your Rental on a Budget

beautify your rental

If you move a lot, whether it be around the world, or just bouncing around the same city, you have had to make a lot of temporary places feel like home. Since the property isn’t yours to keep, you can’t always paint the walls, or change the carpet, etc., so you have to get creative! Here are 5 simple ways to beautify your rental home on a budget: 

  1. Stick and Peel Wallpaper

A lot of landlords won’t let you paint the walls, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the walls that you’ve always wanted. Stick and peel wallpaper is easy to apply and even easier to remove. Bonus: It doesn’t leave any damage on the walls! You can choose between solid colors, or if you want to spice up your space, there are endless options for patterned, textured, or abstract wallpaper. 

  1. Lighting

Rental properties usually have very basic light sources and many times there’s not enough. Changing the overhead lights can be expensive and a hassle. Try focusing on a collection of trendy floor and table lamps, and/or string lighting instead. The type of light bulb you use can also make a difference. Daylight, bright light and soft light all have different impacts on a space, so play around with it! 

  1. Window Coverings

It’s pretty common for rentals to have window coverings that are mediocre at best – if any. Whether it’s ugly green curtains or sad vertical blinds, dull window coverings just scream “rental home”. You’ll be surprised how well a nice new set of curtains can beautify your rental. Even an assortment of inexpensive choices are available at local discount chains or through large online decor websites. 

Tip: Instead of attaching your curtain rod directly above the window, attach it to where your wall meets the ceiling. This will make your ceiling look taller and your space will look bigger.

  1. Rugs

A rug can be the most important accessory in the room, and there is no better way to cozy up a space. Whether your rental has chilly wood flooring, or old carpet, a trendy area rug will make a huge difference. Depending on the rug you choose, it can bring color, texture and life into a space. Rugs can help anchor the space, providing a natural way to define a sitting area and a color scheme. 

  1. Wall Art

Choosing wall decor for your rental property can feel like walking a fine line between wanting to make your space feel like home and kissing your security deposit goodbye. Your safest bet is to avoid hanging anything directly on your walls and display your art on surfaces. All you need is a little imagination! Start by walking around your space and note all of your possibilities such as shelving, tabletops or other surfaces that could use a makeover. For larger artwork you can even consider propping it up on the floor as a style statement. If you can’t shake the urge to hang wall decor directly on your wall, there are some low risk options such as: S-hooks and decorative rope to hang pictures, command strips, removable wall hooks or velcro. Don’t overlook the texture dried flowers, wreaths and plants can bring to your space. 

It can be hard to justify spending a lot of money on decor for your temporary space… but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own. By using these tips and a little bit of your imagination, your rental will feel like home in no time!

For more inspiration, check out TJC’s Pinterest page DIY Home Decor to beautify your rental on a budget!

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