How Paint Can Transform a Space

If you’re looking for a simple way to perk up your space, there’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint! The largest structure in a room are the walls and painting them the right color can make or break the design of a space. Check out these 5 ways that paint can transform a space: 

  1. Create a backdrop

Since walls are such a big part of a space, painting them will make a dramatic difference in how your room looks. If you want the walls to be a main focus of the room, consider wallpaper with texture or a pattern. However, if you prefer to not have the walls as the focus of your room then it is best to go with a neutral color or even a white. This will create a backdrop for you key pieces such as artwork, pillows, accent furnishings, etc. Off-white walls are always a good option if you prefer a fresh, clean look. 

  1. Adds texture

If you like the idea of adding an accent wall or want to highlight a different surface such as hardwood floors or ceilings then using a faux finish or special technique with paint can allow you to create a custom pattern or texture that non one else will have. For this kind of project it is best to hire a professional. 

  1. Adds contrast

A successful room design includes visual interest… and visual interest is best achieved by contrast. Even if you have a monochromatic color palette, you can still add interesting contrast by using a darker wall color than your floor surface. This will add a layer of interest to the design of your room. 

  1.  Adds color

The color of a room is so important because it has the power to affect your emotions. Before you paint a room, it’s important to take some time to determine how you want to feel in your room. Warm colors which consist of orange, red and yellow combinations can make a space feel cozy, playful, and energized. Whereas, cool colors which consist of green, blue and violet can make a space feel relaxing, soothing, and peaceful. 

wall paint
  1. Freshens a room

A fresh coat of paint is arguably the easiest and quickest way to liven or freshen a space. New painted walls have a clean and bright layer of finish to them that will add a new look to your room!

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