It is almost July.  You know what July means, right? Correct!  It’s my birthday on July 9th!  Woot woot!  Every year, people around the country celebrate my birthday for nearly a week.  They kick it off on the 4th with a parade and then a spectacular fireworks display.  It seems like a bit much, but I don’t mind.  Happy times for everyone.

The last few years, I have taken my boys to a ridge on Northfield Blvd, on the northern perimeter of the Northfield shopping center to see the fireworks.  It was a great spot because it was an unimpeded and very close view to see the show launched from Dick’s Sporting Goods Park after the Rapids game. 

We’d bring camping chairs, snacks and beverages.  It was never too crowded because the spot was a bit guerilla and unknown.  Most people actually watched from the stadium.  Here is the link if you want to be official.

This year will be different.  That big empty field between Northfield Blvd and Dick’s is now filled with houses – some done and many under construction.  The Conservatory Green neighborhood is exploding in growth.

Imagine if you lived there!  You very likely could see the fireworks directly over your head from the comfort of your patio or deck.  Or if you live dangerously, I bet some rooftops have spectacular views. 

We will have to find a different spot, but it will still be in the Conservatory Green neighborhood.  There is a hill across the parking lot from Wahoo’s that could be a great location.  There is nothing like fish tacos, a Tecate and fireworks to celebrate my birthday, right?

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