Downsizing to Low Maintenance Living

The family home can be difficult to manage once children have left. Big gardens, lots of space and an aging property can cost you a lot in terms of both time and money.  That’s why many people choose to downsize as they reach retirement, or sometimes before.

But downsize to where? Increasing demand has made it hard to find smaller homes or even apartments that offer the ideal combination of space and low maintenance that mature downsizers are looking for.

Boulder Creek

Boulder Creek Builders

An increasing number of builders are building to meet the demand of this group. And with the vast tracts of land that have become available to builders in Central Park (formerly Stapleton) and Lowry, these are good locations to start your hunt for a practical home that fits your needs.

Ranch homes are hot property in Central Park (formerly Stapleton). It seems to be generally agreed that the first phase of construction didn’t include enough of them! They are popular with young families as well as mature buyers – often for the same reason. No stairs! Ranch homes that come up on the Central Park (formerly Stapleton) property market sell fast and for good prices.

Because of this, the new phases of construction in Central Park (formerly Stapleton), Conservatory Green and Willow Park East, will include a more generous number of ranch homes. Look at builders such as Boulder Creek Builders, who are constructing patio ranch homes, so little lawn and outdoor maintenance is required.

At the moment, there is no mention of ranch homes in the proposed first build out at Lowry’s Boulevard 1. However, construction has not yet started and things can change. One thing the first Boulevard 1 build out will include is a good number of townhouses and row homes, which are also popular with downsizers.

These homes give you a lot of floor space, with little or no yard maintenance required. Plenty of these homes were built in the first phase of Central Park (formerly Stapleton) and they proved so popular that not only will you find new ones in Lowry, but also a good selection in Central Park (formerly Stapleton)’s Conservatory Green and, coming up, in Willow Park East. Many offer balconies or roof terraces, so you can still enjoy the Colorado sun. In Conservatory Green, look at builders such as New Town Builders, Wonderland and Parkwood, all of whom have a good selection.

One thing all these properties have in common is that they are new. Even the existing homes in Central Park (formerly Stapleton) are just over ten years old, and in Lowry, Conservatory Green and Willow Park East, you have the opportunity to work alongside a builder to design a home that is perfect for you.

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