Central Park (formerly Stapleton) Porch Surfing

I have my boys this weekend and as usual, we are over-booked with activities all happening in the hood.  Central Park (formerly Stapleton) is a non-stop living entity of fun.

We are trying to figure out how many Friday neighborhood happy hours we can hit in one evening.  Somebody build me an app! Barhopping is so yesterday.  Porch Surfing is where it’s at! Everybody is willing to offer a prime chair and beverage on their porch while the kids run around playing.  Some Central Park (formerly Stapleton)ians go all out and have the party on their porch AND in the backyard.  Those are for the blowout parties when the kid counts come close to out numbering the adults.

Saturday is action packed all day.  My little guy turns eight so we are celebrating (again).  Lunch will be all family and we will let him choose a place to go for fun (please don’t say Casa Bonita please don’t say Casa Bonita please don’t say Casa Bonita).

We have to get back by mid afternoon to prepare for a block party in our courtyard. We know our fellow Courtyardians but haven’t met any of the new neighbors that have moved in around the block over the last year.  We are sure to make new friends, find potential future babysitting opportunities for Will and hopefully more kids my boy’s age so they don’t need me as often to play Four Square (although I run a good Story Telling version that involves lots of potty words so they will probably make me still play).

I’m sure the block party will be too much fun and we will end up sticking around.  But if we want a change of scenery, we will walk seven minutes to the Town Green for the free concert in the park.  Six Foot Joe and the Red Hot Rhinos are playing.  I wish it were Four Foot Joe cuz I have a weird thing about little people, but I’d be happy to see them nonetheless.

That should get us through Saturday leaving just Sunday open for boring stuff like going to the pool, playing baseball, riding bikes and scooters and general Central Park (formerly Stapleton) mayhem.

Some people move into a home.  We have moved into a fun fest.  See you on the porch!!


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