Break a Leg

The Oscars were awarded last month.  Do they say break a leg when actors are doing scenes in movies or is that just for live plays on the stage?  Don’t answer that because I don’t really care – I have a point to make here and I’m doing it regardless.

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article about NBA basketball players that tear an anterior cruciate ligament and come back actually better than they were before the injury.  This seems startling because rehabbing from a torn ACL is a long and arduous process.  And that is just physically.  Mentally, the player must regain confidence in his knee and strength while not being afraid to give 100% effort.  During recovery time, about all a player can do is stand, so they end up shooting basket after basket after basket.

The WSJ did a statistical analysis of players tearing an ACL over the last few years and compared the shooting percentage of their mid range jumper pre-injury to the percentage post injury.  Remarkably, the overall average percentage went from 38% to 42%.  This is actually a significant improvement in basketball.  All that down time where all they could do was shoot actually made them a better player.

Don’t worry, I’m going to tie this together and bring it back to real estate.  As I watched the Oscars and laughed when Jennifer Lawrence tripped because that’s what guys do when someone falls; I marveled at how she was taking ‘break a leg’ literally!  And then I remembered it’s probably a term for the stage, but hey this was a live show on stage, so it’s applicable.  Jennifer Lawrence could have broken her leg – quite an attention getting act at the Oscars.

And then I read the article about basketball players tearing up their knee and becoming better players.  And I thought wow; Tom Cummings (founder of TJC Real Estate & Management) really goes the extra mile for his clients.  Last year Tom tore up his left knee and went through a long and arduous rehab.  Business boomed.  TJC Real Estate homes sold skyrocketed over the previous year.

Many business owners would be satisfied with that kind of growth and customer satisfaction.  But not Tom Cummings.  He recently tore up his other knee.  Sales projections are through the roof for 2013 and TJC Real Estate has already increased homes sold by 75% since last year at this time.  The market is hopping and TJC Real Estate is not limping in by any means.

So the next time you need a real estate agent, ask about the owner’s knees.  Have they ever gone under the knife for the well being of their clients?  If so, have they done it twice?!  I think not, friend.  Call TJC Real Estate.  Finding you the home of your dreams is a big deal.  Getting it for a fair price takes skill and sometimes a little bit of luck.  So break a leg.  And call TJC for a slam dunk experience.


Posted by Brett Grischo – an aspiring writer hoping this endeavor doesn’t kill his dream. About Brett’s work with TJC here. Find more from Brett here.