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Making bonds through the beauty of glass.  Tis the season and our office chose to do glass blowing for the fun part of our annual retreat.  After a morning of reflection and consuming an awesome lunch at The Lobby, we ventured over to meet the great crew at Blake Street Glass.  Very relaxed and upbeat, they graciously welcomed us into their industrial space of beautiful treasures.

Kit Karbler, Co-Owner and Master Craftsman, ran the show.  And a show it was.  Once we picked out the holiday ornaments we wanted to replicate, our names were written on the chalkboard with our colors and there we began our afternoon of glass blowing.  Kit and his amazing team guided us around the 2000+ degrees furnace and pieces of hot glass on blow pipes finding their seat to be shaped.  Come to find out the artists/craftsman did all the hard work and we just watched with wide eyes and blew.  Observing threw safety glasses, we were all in awe of the process of this craft and how simply the guys at Blake Street Glass seemed to whip these ornaments into shape.  Though, our time at the shop was only a couple of hours to craft these 9 ornaments, it takes years to become a Master of this art and I could not imagine them doing it alone.  Each person on the team seems to play a vital part in the process.  From the gathering of molten glass, to shaping the glass on a marver table, blowing, cutting and cooling and all the design to-do’s in between, it seems to take a village to make the group projects run smoothly.

Blake Street Glass offers these great opportunities to be an instrumental tool in your piece making with the age range spanning from children to adults!  They are friendly, knowledgeable and make the experience fun and safe!

Check out their online gallery at and the awesome behind-the-scene photos of our retreat on our TJC Facebook Page!

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