5 Ways to Make Your Rental a Home Without Making Your Landlord Angry.

Published by: Kate Renka 9/5/22

If you are a renter like myself– you know how BLAND and typical our “new” apartments can be; your apartment never fully shows how amazing your personality is. This can be frustrating for those who are vibrant and love to make spaces truly their own. What if I told you that you can make your space your own without painting a wall or putting hundreds of plants and photos up? I did us both a favor and found some really neat ways to update your rental without leaving a trace when you leave it!


Change Your Cabinet Knobs!

Easily the best (cheapest) way to update both your bathroom and kitchen is to take out those builder grade knobs and replace them with a fun option! When changing out the knobs, make sure you put them in a safe spot that you’ll remember so that way you don’t lose them. When it’s time to go through your checklist on things you need to clean/fix before moving out, make sure you replace your knobs! 

The knobs in this photo are $21 for a pack of 10! 




Peel & Stick Tile in your Bathroom or Kitchen… OR BOTH!

The next best way to update your space to feel like you own the place is to use peel & stick tiles! It’s a great way to make it a unique space by hiding that god awful brown vinyl tile! 

This project is not for the faint of heart and I would recommend doing it if you plan to stay in your home for more than a year. What’s great about Peel & Stick tile is that they don’t leave a nasty residue when you remove them AND they don’t trap moisture! 

For the Peel & Stick tile in the example would cost about $52 for a bathroom that is 40sqft. (4 sets are needed)



Give yourself a stylish Backsplash with Contact Paper.

Another awesome way to update your space is similar to the Peel & Stick tile. This one is made specific for your Backsplash or even your shower/bath! This brand specifically is a US made brand! 100% DIY: Quick and Easy Installation. Durable, resistant to humidity and heat. Kitchen backsplash, Bathroom backsplash, Laundry room, Garage, Mantel Shelf. Their peel and stick tiles do not require any additional glue. Easily removable by heating the surface with a hairdryer and peeling them off!

A 22 sqft. backsplash area would be approx. $145 (for this specific backsplash you need 5 sets)



Removable Wallpaper VS Painting

.A unique way to brighten up your home is to use a removable wallpaper. It is more time consuming than painting, but the end result is 1000 times more exciting. Your accent wall isn’t just a boring paint color, but a vibrant masterpiece! What is awesome about removable wallpaper is that you don’t need much more than a straight-edge, and scissors or a paper cutter! Easy to remove but timeless style. This is another project I would do if I were staying in my space for at least one year! This moody wallpaper would make the perfect addition to your bedroom or living area! 

A 13ft.x10ft. wall accent would be approx. $230 (for this specific wallpaper you need 8 rolls)



Interlocking Tiles for Your Patio/Balcony.

You didn’t think I would forget the outdoor living space did you?! The best way to make your patio or balcony a more unique, peaceful area for your morning coffee or tea would be plants everywhere and stylish interlocking tile over that tacky concrete! What;s really awesome about the interlocking tile is that they can go EVERYWHERE with you! You don’t need to just use them at your “now” home, but can be used at any future home too!

A 24sqft. patio/balcony would be approx. $105 (for this specific interlocking tile, need 3 sets)




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