5 Tips to Winterize your Home!

The trees are turning their golden splendor and the wind is blowing in the cool mountain air. The autumn energy of slowing down, taking a rest and enjoying the moment is a great relief after the crazy year we all have endured. While you are pulling out your sweaters and beanies, it is also a time to make sure your home is ready for the colder weather to come. Whether you own your home or are renting, here are some quick and easy tips to winterize your home:

1. Change your filters

Change your air filters

The first step to winterize your home, change your air filters. Your air filters for your air conditioner and furnace should be changed every 30 – 60 days according to HVAC experts. By changing your filters regularly, you are ensuring cleaner indoor air, lower utility bills, longer life for your HVAC system and a smaller carbon footprint.

2. Blow Out your Sprinklers

Blow out your sprinklers

Have your sprinklers blown out every fall. This process forces air through the system to remove water and prevent it from freezing, expanding and breaking a line during the harsh winter months. Just remember to manually water your lawn until it goes dormant if the season provides little rain or snow fall. You will also want to manually water your trees during winter dry spells.

3. Disconnect Hoses

Disconnect hoses from water spigots

This is a doozie! Make sure all hoses are removed from outdoor water spigots. If you are watering during winter dry spells, just leave your hose next to the spigot and reattach/detach for every use. Failure to remove your hose during freezing temperatures can cause a water line to burst inside the home. Let’s just wipe that image from our mind and check this one off our list!

4. Change your Smoke Detector Batteries

Change your batteries in your smoke detectors

The winter season is the most prevalent time for house fires. Make sure you have fresh batteries in your smoke detectors and CO detectors. If your smoke detectors are over 10 years or your carbon monoxide detector is over 5 years, its time to buy new ones!

5. Fall Leave Clean Up

Clean up fall leaves

Autumn leaves are beautiful….until they aren’t. When your snow melt overflows from your gutters causing ice at your doorway or your spring lawn wakes up, but only part way due to being smothered all winter by leaf piles, then autumn leaves look more like thorns in your side. Bottom line, to properly winterize your home, clean out your gutters and rake up your leaves. You will be glad you did!


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