5 Handy Home Upgrades to Consider During 2021

You’ve spent a lot of time hanging out at home this past year, and now that it’s 2021, you’re ready for a change of scenery. We don’t blame you! But one thing might be holding you back: fear of breaking your budget. Instead, you’d like to take on some of the work yourself for your home upgrades to save on installation costs.

Not every renovation needs to be the kind of project that uproots your life for a few weeks. Instead, consider the following upgrades that will improve your quality of life without burdening you with stress and hefty bills:

Redo the Kitchen

Even if your days are always changing, at least one thing stays the same: you have to eat! You’ll be in the kitchen several times a day to make a pot of coffee or cook dinner for your family. Any home upgrades you make in the kitchen will improve your daily quality of life.

Kitchen Upgrades

You might want to replace your cabinet handles or stain your dining room table. Add granite countertops, replace the sink taps, or add tiles to the backsplash—let your creativity run loose when it comes to kitchen upgrades. 

A recently renovated kitchen can boost your home’s resale value considerably. Potential buyers will be sure to take notice of it. 

Add Heated Floors

On a cold winter morning, you might shiver when you walk barefoot around your home. If you’re thinking about changing your kitchen or bathroom floor tiles, why not make the new ones heated? 

Few things are as relaxing as walking on warm floors with your bare feet. It’s the same luxurious sensation you feel when you switch on your car’s heated seats. This might seem small, but it’s an upgrade you’ll notice every day.

Once the subfloor and heat wires are installed, consider what flooring you’d like to place over top. Stone and tile are two popular choices since they have high thermal conductivity. Both of these materials look great in any kitchen or bathroom.

Change the Lighting

Sometimes, a differently colored lightbulb can make a world of a difference. Say goodbye to your dimly lit basement! Switch the old bulb to one that’s multicolored for a fun twist. A smart bulb will allow you to change the shade and brightness of your lights using an app on your phone!

New Light Fixtures
Traditional arabic lamps in the Grand Bazaar

You might want to do more than change out the bulbs—maybe it’s time to upgrade the light fixtures themselves, too. A chandelier can make an excellent centerpiece that completely changes the feel of a room. For a retro look, install hanging pendant lights. The lighting can alter the atmosphere of a whole room, so think carefully about what moods you want to create. 

Break out your Paint Bucket and Roller

If you’re feeling inspired to paint, you’ve got a lot of options. Other than the walls, you can also paint cabinets, furniture, and even the ceiling. 

There are several reasons why painting is such a popular home upgrade: it’s easy, it’s quick, and it gives you a great return on your investment! It’s estimated that interior painting can grant you a 107% ROI. It’s hard to go wrong with an upgrade like this.

New Paint in Living Room
Modern living room interior with workplace near green wall

That being said, it’s important to choose your colors carefully. You don’t want to end up with a wall that’s vivid enough to give you a headache. The wrong shade can actually lower your home’s resale value, so if you’re planning to sell your property, choose wisely. Alternatively, if you plan to hold on to your home, paint whatever colors your heart desires!

Fix your Plumbing

Do you notice that your sinks have leaky taps or low water pressure? Then you’ve got a plumbing problem on your hands.

Even though new plumbing isn’t the flashiest renovation, that doesn’t diminish its importance. Imagine that you’ve just installed a set of brand new hardwood floors in your living room—they’ll be ruined almost immediately if your plumbing happens to leak. Replace your plumbing before you start a major home upgrades; it’s the perfect way to protect your investment. 

Great Water Pressure
Water flows from the shower, close-up. The stream of water flows from the shower head.

Leaky plumbing costs you a fortune each year in your utility bills; it’s an upgrade that will end up paying you back over time.

Your house is one of the places you spend the most amount of time in. It’s important that you find it comfortable, stylish, and reflective of your tastes. Whether you’re looking for a change or planning to sell your home, these renovations are a great way to improve your home’s appearance and functionality.


Brought to you by Guest Author, Adrian Martinez, from the Outreach Team at KJP Select Hardwoods. KJP offers a diverse selection of wood and woodworking products; their inventory features over 80 species of wood, including domestic and exotic hardwoods.


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