Aurora Highlands is Under Way!

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The Aurora Highlands Master Plan

“Located between the mountains and the plains, we will be perfectly situated to connect you to the busy life of the city, the peaceful wide open spaces of Colorado, and a community of diverse and welcoming neighbors, schools, restaurants, shops and more.” –
The Aurora Highlands Neighborhoods

Bridging the gap between Denver Proper and the Eastern Plains; The Aurora Highlands is a new Master Planned Development that focuses on families that crave a sense of serenity and connecting them to their modern community.  Expecting it’s first roll out of new homes to be available by Mid Spring 2020, this 2500 acre ‘hood will feature 10 distinctive villages, over 1000 multi-family and single family homes, 21 miles of trails, 12 neighborhood parks, 20 pocket parks and 4 public schools. Easily accessible to DIA, Anschutz Medical Campus, Buckley Air Force Base, DTC and Downtown, this will be a mecca for working professionals and their families.

Exploring the Aurora Highlands

The Aurora Highlands Site Plan

To date, the 110 foot clock tower is the first sign of visual progress for the Aurora Highlands. The clock tower is erected on the east side of E-470 and can be seen for miles in the open plains of east Aurora. Though 400 acres are dedicated to parks and 500 acres to open space, there is much to be seen in this highly anticipated development. Soon we will see a Recreation Center with a climbing wall, basketball court and hockey rink. There will also be a Water Park with indoor pools, water play stations, outside volley ball court and a sun deck.

Exploring the Aurora Highlands

On the weekend of Oct. 26-27, Aurora Highlands had their first ‘open house’ event with a sneak preview of the site plan, along with a fall festival that included food trucks, hayride, giveaways and a pumpkin patch. Prospective home buyers had the chance to sign up on the priority reservation list. This list gives new home buyers first chance to preview sites and reserve a site before they’re released to the public.

Though, the plans have been in the works for years, the Aurora Highlands development is not on Google Maps, yet. To check it out for yourself and your headed from northbound E-470, travel about about 2 miles north of I-70, and exit The Aurora Highlands Parkway (Exit 22), then turn east.

Building Homes in the Aurora Highlands

Building Homes in Aurora Highlands

Richmond American, Bridge Water and Century Homes is the list of Aurora Highlands’ builders ready to create dream homes for eagerly awaiting families. Ready to get started? Don’t forget to bring your licensed Realtor with you to meet the builders! Read some clips from our blog below to find out more…

“If the sales person at the builder’s office is so helpful, then why do I need a Realtor?”  This is a very common question, with a multitude of answers:

1.  The salesperson at the model home is there to represent the builder by legal obligation, not the buyer. 

2.  Using a licensed Realtor should be at NO cost to you.  Complimentary representation, what could be better?!

3.  A licensed Realtor is your advocate.  Let him/her be the tough guy when something is not right on a walk-thru.  Most Realtors are well-versed on new builds and know what to look for at every stage of the process. 

4.  Regardless of using a Realtor or not, you will be charged the commission that the builder would pay the Realtor.  This is non-negotiable with the seller and the money will be pocketed if you choose not to be represented.    

5.  A Realtor knows the ins and outs of upgrades and can assist you to make the best choices for your investment.  This added benefit of consultation can save you a considerable amount of money and headache in the long run!

 All in all, you will create a win-win situation for yourself by choosing to be REPRESENTED by a Realtor. With that being said, we are here to help!

The Aurora Highlands Clocktower